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Re: Mites (was Live Foods Digest V4 #60

Hello Rob,

Carolina Biological (http://www.carosci.com) sells "mite paper" that is
treated with a mitocide. 

One places a mite-free culture on this paper and it should prevent

Another method is to build a "moat" around the culture, literally or
using the sticky goo used to prevent caterpillars climbing up a tree. It
prevents mites from crossing it.

To obtain a culture free of mites, collect a quarter-sized portion of
worms from the old culture, place them in a tall glass and fill with
water. Most mites will float to the surface. Decant the mites with the
water and repeat the process, waiting each time a few minutes, for the
mites to float. (You can see the mites better in oblique light, when the
water surface reflects light and the mites disrupt the mirror effect.)
Repeat as long as even a single mite floats to the surface, and then,
THIS IS IMPORTANT, several times more. If you miss a mite or mite egg,
the entire exercise is for naught.



> Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2002 13:59:22 -0400
> From: "Rob St. John" <sevenofthorns at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Mites
> Well, the white worm infestation of mites has spread to another white worm
> culture and to my fruit flies.  I've been pretty good at keeping the numbers
> down, but they just keep coming back.
> Should I really bother trying to elimante them all or just let them go for
> now?
> Any ideas, suggestions or personal expierences welcome.  They're just
> starting to frustrate me with how they keep showing up everwhere! :)
> Thanks,
> Rob