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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #57

>Hey all,
>I'm thinking of making my own fruit fly medium from instant potatoes and
>yeast, but I'm am afraid of it molding over.  I read somewhere online about
>a chemical to place in it to prevent this without causing any harm to the
>flies or the animals that are eating the flies.  I work in the chemical
>stock room at the university I attend so could probably get my hands on it,
>but I can't find the page again.  Does anyone know of any anti-molding
>chemicals to use in a fruit fly batch?  Thanks,

Hi Rob,

I have used 10% methyl-p-hydroxybenzoate dissolved in 95% EtOH as a 
fungus inhibitor in both Drosophila and microworm cultures. It is 
also know as Tegosept, Nipagin, or M p hydroxybenzoic acid methyl 
ester and is available from Sigma H5501).

I am sure there are also other compounds that can be used. You could 
probably find out about them in Ashburners's Drosophila lab manual 
from Cold Spring Harbor. It should be in your University's library.



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