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Re: White Worms and Fruit Flies

Norm is right - the big problem with white worms is keeping them cool.  In my 
experience, anything over 60 degrees retards the culture and encourages the 
growth of the little insects that live with them.  In the summer I put them 
in a 4 x 6 plastic container and that, in an insulated picnic cooler, like an 
Igloo.  Cooling comes from a quart or so of frozen water, although in very 
hot weather more than that is needed.  Use a thermometer.

I feed them Gerber baby oatmeal, moistened.

There is another kind of white worm, Grindal worms.  They are smaller than 
their cousins, and prefer warmth to cold.  To me they are much easier to 
raise and are voracious feeders.

Wingless fruit flies are interesting to raise, but I don't know how their 
food value compares to other foods.  Their magots are more nutritious, but 
life is too short for me to spend any part of it harvesting them.

Good luck!