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Re: Daphnia Generations

Hi, Dave!

Interesting observations on how daphnia adapt to changing environments.
Thanks.  Daphnia are certainly adaptive creatures.

I find that when I spend a lot of time in the presence of pizza my size and 
color change, too.

But, none of this has anything to do with generic change.  My question was 
whether daphnia were capable of genetically changing to meet changing 
environments, which I thought was unlikely because almost all of the 
offspring were clones of their mothers and hence would have the same genetic 
makeup.  Change, if any, would happen too slowly for it to have any effect.

BTW, my outdoor tubs are not only putting out a lot of daphnia and mosquito 
larva, but also a fair amount of bloodworms.  I hadn't seen that  before.

Good luck.