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Re: raising daphnia

My D. pulex have had 20 years of high temperatures in the summer that
almost wipe them out.  The populations always recover, but their
temperature sensitivity never seems to alter.

There is a species of Daphnia in the shallows of local ponds and ditches
that doesn't hop in open water but rather hangs by its antennae and only
swims when disturbed.  It is tolerant of very high temperatures and thrives
when pulex can't survive.  It is common all over the country, and I have
found easily it in Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Mississippi.  It is a
little harder to keep because it starves itself out more easily than pulex,
and, if pulex gets in the culture, pulex will starve it out unless
temperatures are too high for pulex.  However, it is always easy to find
some more in any local ditch or pool.

Paul Krombholz in dry central Mississippi with a chance of showers Monday