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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #24

> I have a tub of one week old brine shrimp. I would like to try growing
> out. What is a good food for them? Selcon and vitamins?
> Thanks

I've had a culture of brine on my back porch since last August.  I took
old saltwater from water changes, left it in the hot sun outside (I'm
near Atlanta!) until it turned a soupy green, and put leftover brine
from fry feedings into it.  They feed only on the greenwater.  I've
tried adding selcon and phytoplex, but it only fouls the water.

If you want to enrich brine before feeding them to your fish, take the
portion out of the culture and gut load them in a separate container
with an airstone for a time, but don't add the selcon to your culture.

My brine live in buckets (salt buckets) on the back step.  No aeration,
no circulation, no filtration.  They seem to thrive on neglect.  They
even survived the Atlanta winter and froze over several times, they just
went dormant and when the warm weather came back, they woke up and
started reproducing again.

Hope this helps!