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Re: Feeding Dphnia


I bet that this is the most popular topic on this board.  There is a wealth 
of information in the archives on it and, like most things, there is some 
controversy about which works best.

Most foods work quite well.  Some produce a lot of daphnia with a fair amount 
of effort; others produce fewer with much less effort.

I've opted on the latter approach.  I mix 2 tsp. of bread yeast with a cup of 
soy flour.  At feeding time, I dissolve a small amount of this mixture in a 
glass of water and pour this into the daphnia container, enough to make it 
somewhat cloudy.  When it more or less clears I do it again.  (I read of this 
food in an article by Bill Childers and adopted it after trying others.)

I suggest that you consider a larger container.  I use 35 gallon plastic 
containers that I bought at a discount store for a few dollars.  Not only 
will these produce a lot more daphnia, but the size provides a certain margin 
of error.

Happy culturing!