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RE: daphnia notes

Hi Dan,
Your culture yield certainly is high.
What is the species of your Daphnia?
I read that you feed a mixture of peas, veggies, vits.
How much do you feed per unit volume?
Also, how many percentage of daphnia do you havest each day from
one tub? 30%? 50%?
How do you know your culture has reached maximum density?

Still haven't got the time to run down to the LFS to get new daphs.
Right now my culture seem static, neither growing nor dying.
I feed it a bit of crushed lettuce to keep them alive. The
fur seem to have reduced a bit. I think they are D.magna. Looks
big to me.

I'm begining to look at my daphnia more than my fish. :)

Bill, do you aerate your cultures?


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