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Re:Gettin the most from a microworm culture

    * From: "Joseph Liczner" <joselicz at enoreo_on.ca>


Do you use newspaper or note paper (should there be any concerns in regards
to chemicals in the paper?).Also, approximately how many times (or how many
days) do you reuse the paper strips?


I cut the paper in the right-sized strips and then soak it in water for
around an hour just in case there might be some bad chemicals in the paper.
I do not know that there are bad chemicals, but why take chances?  I have
soaked a big bunch of strips, dried them, and then they only have to be
wetted prior to use.  Newspaper or note paper seems to be fine although
note paper lasts longer.  I reuse the paper until it begins to fall apart.
Note paper lasts  1-2 weeks.

Paul Krombholz in soggy central Mississippi, where we had 1.77 inches of
rain today.