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Re: Live Foods Digest V4 #2

>From: "Jennifer Macke" <jpmacke at cox_net>

>Does anyone know how to freeze microworms?  I want to stop culturing them,
>but I know I will need them again next year.  I know that microworms can be
>frozen under laboratory conditions.  But is there any way to store them
>using an ordinary household freezer?  Thanks!

I havn't tried freezing them, but I have tried drying them, and I have not
had any success.  I thought they might be able to withstand dessication,
since they originally came from soil.  I have even tried slow drying over
several days in sand, but when I add water a month or so later there is no

Why don't you put a small sample in the freezer and then try thawing them
out after a couple of days.  See if any are still alive.

Paul Krombholz in pleasant central Mississippi, with another sunny, mild,
dry day.  Humidity increasing a bit.  Trees putting out new leaves.