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Re: Daphnia Food


I've tried the carrot and legume daphnia food and it works.  In fact, I might 
have found the recipe from one of your postings at another site.

My problem with it is that it takes more effort to prepare, and no matter how 
long I blend and filter it, it leaves a residue in the daphnia tub that has 
to be removed.  I've observed no yield difference between it and the 
easier-to-use soy flour - yeast food.

I've never had a problem with the yeast multiplying too much and causing 
problems, but that could happen if one overfeeds.

My fish eat daphnia produced by both methods with equal alacrity.


<< While yeast and soy flour can replace green water, the yeast can grow and 
coat the daphnia, even suffocate them. Also this diet can bleach the color 
out of the daphnia, making them less visible to the fish and perhaps less 
valuable as a food. In the archives there is a recipe I use made from a 
legume such as peas, and a carotinoid rich vegetable such as carrots, and a 
multivitamin. I can feed this several times a day as soon as the water 
clears, and get great production rates and a brightly colored food animal. >>