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Re: cricket substitute

Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I've made the mistake of buying large crickets,
and finding that not only are they really noisy, but the smaller of my two
toads can't even eat them. So I try to stick to smaller crickets, even
though it seems like less for the money.

I've never heard of the lobster roach. Where would I get some? How easy are
they to breed?


> We have raised crickets for years, and they have drawbacks. They escape
and damage house contents. They are very noisy especially at night. If too
many are fed at once, they can turn the tables and attack the animal they
are supposed to be eaten by. A great substitute is the lobster roach. It has
a softer body, is a non pest species that cannot survive in a house, and it
is much less prone to escape than crickets. It is quiet, no night-time
chirping, and will be eaten by fish that ignore crickets. If you put a large
feeding of them in with your fire toads, they will not attack the toads.