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green water substitute, cricket substitute

 While yeast and soy flour can replace green water, the yeast can grow and coat the daphnia, even suffocate them. Also this diet can bleach the color out of the daphnia, making them less visible to the fish and perhaps less valuable as a food. In the archives there is a recipe I use made from a legume such as peas, and a carotinoid rich vegetable such as carrots, and a multivitamin. I can feed this several times a day as soon as the water clears, and get great production rates and a brightly colored food animal.

We have raised crickets for years, and they have drawbacks. They escape and damage house contents. They are very noisy especially at night. If too many are fed at once, they can turn the tables and attack the animal they are supposed to be eaten by. A great substitute is the lobster roach. It has a softer body, is a non pest species that cannot survive in a house, and it is much less prone to escape than crickets. It is quiet, no night-time chirping, and will be eaten by fish that ignore crickets. If you put a large feeding of them in with your fire toads, they will not attack the toads.  

If you decide to raise crickets, it's a wise move to have several house geckos and anoles loose in the room to capture escaped crickets. You have to screen registers or some of the baby anoles will end up in the heating system and seal the bottom and edges of the doors to keep them in the one room. This will also help limit the spread of the crickets. You also need some potted plants for the anoles' comfort and security. Anoles also lay eggs in the flower pots, and you end up with babies everywhere in the room.  
 : Wednesday, March 20, 2002 4:04 AM

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