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Re: Microworms

Helo Janis,

Although I grow them on corn-meal, sometimes, on new cultures, I also
get this "skin". I usually just take it off. After a while it does not
form anymore -- the microworms take care of it!?

It takes a dense culture for the worms to climb the walls. Just let them



> Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 14:24:40 -0500
> From: "Joseph Liczner" <joselicz at enoreo_on.ca>
> Subject: microworm culture skin
> Hi everyone!
> I've started culturing microworms recently, and am using water soaked 5-minute oatmeal sprinkled with yeast for a medium (kept at about 70 F). A number of  times I've noticed a skin forming on top of the culture. Not a shiny glistening layer of microworms but rather a dull dusty or powdery looking layer.If I mix the medium up two or three times a day usually the microworms take over and the "skin" disappears by about the third or fourth day.
> Has anyone else had this experience? Could it be the yeast? Could this layer damage the culture? Should I continue to keep stirring or will the microworms take care of themselves in this situation?
> Thanks for any tips!
> Janis.
> (p.s. although I see lots of worms on the medium I don't seem to get very many climbing up the sides of the container. How can I encourage this?)