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microworm culture skin

Hi everyone!

I've started culturing microworms recently, and am using water soaked 5-minute oatmeal sprinkled with yeast for a medium (kept at about 70 F). A number of  times I've noticed a skin forming on top of the culture. Not a shiny glistening layer of microworms but rather a dull dusty or powdery looking layer.If I mix the medium up two or three times a day usually the microworms take over and the "skin" disappears by about the third or fourth day.
Has anyone else had this experience? Could it be the yeast? Could this layer damage the culture? Should I continue to keep stirring or will the microworms take care of themselves in this situation?

Thanks for any tips!

(p.s. although I see lots of worms on the medium I don't seem to get very many climbing up the sides of the container. How can I encourage this?)

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