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Re: fish quality

> From: Moontanman at aol_com
> I have noticed something disturbing in the past several years about

    Same thing is happening at this end of the world. Breeders in a bid
to meet the market ASAP are dumping whatever they can get to breed,
quality be damned.

    Care for fishes housed in LFS are nil. Most of the LFS here are run by
a certain poorly educated community, attempts to educate them in care
and quality have only been partially successful. In contrast a couple of
shop in Goa (on the west coast) were much better than the LFS. The
fishes were well cared for and the shop sparking clean.

    The boom in aquaria trade is mostly to blame. Disposable customer
are the culprits. They buy a tank + fish and return for a second round
after the fishes are killed off, finally the tank goes to the attic. LFS don't
care because there are more customers around the corner. Giving bagged
cheap fishes as take home presents are common.

    My wife once commented as I was picking up some fishes at a LFS, that
these fishes must have done a great service/good in their past lives to be
lucky enough to get to live in our tanks (loosely translated). I guess that
99% of all fishes sold here are killed.

Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India