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Re: Fish Quality

I agree totally with what you say.  The reasons for this are many - the
preponderance of chain stores, which seem to buy only the most hardy, most 
marketable  fish and then, not from local breeders; export restrictions, 
which may account for the shortage of cardinal tetras, and inbreeding, for 
which we in part are probably to blame.  We buy several fish from the same 
tank, fish that are probably closely related, and then breed them.

I recently purchased some F1 scalares by mail, brothers and sisters.  To 
avoid inbreeding I searched for other scalares in fish stores.  I visited 5 
in two states and found about 4 fish, all stubby-finned, ugly, and unhealthy 

I finally was directed to a wholesaler in a small town out in the boonies who 
also did some retail.  He had hundreds but no plain silver angels, but at 
least I was able to get some silver veils, at a good price.

One solution is to buy or trade at a local aquarium club.  This isn't always 
convenient, though.  Maybe there should be an easily accessed network of 
hobbyists who occcasionally sell fish.  To keep shipping charges down, they 
should be grouped by geographic area in some way.

Good luck!