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half-pint bottles

If you can find the old-fashioned half-pint cream bottles I'd like to hear
about it.  I had about 40 that I use with the rubber stopper and stainless
steal tube for water dispensers on bird cages.  Every year I loose a few to
gravity and would surely like to find replacements.  I don't know what the
policy is for the various Science Supply companies to establish an account.
Here is a link to Science Kit where I did a search on "Glass Bottle".


Depending on your exact size requirements, It may be easiest and even
cheaper to buy a product sold in a bottle that has a shape which would serve
your purpose.  I often use Snapple bottles but they are a full pint.
Starbucks Frappaccino (SP?) jars are 9.5 oz.  Go to a big box store, buy and
enjoy a case of the drink, then use the bottles.

Most drink-bottle labels are applied with heat-sensitive glue.  The label
can be entirely removed easily after soaking in or running under very hot
water for a minute or so.

Let us know what you find!