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Re: Pea blend for Daphnia

Dan wrote:

>>>The pea blend should not foul the culture water if it's fresh and
in an appropriate amount to the daphnia population.  A couple things 
about the recipe for this food.... It is portioned for feeding about
gallons of well populated cultures. You should cut down the recipe if 
you have less daphnia or fewer gallons of cultures. Second, use a 2 
horsepower blender to liquify this food. The average or better home
will burn out after a couple months of use because it has to blend so 
long to produce it. Blend until the nearly frozen concoction is warm to

the touch, then top it off with cold water<<<<

  I'm not sure if I missed the original post, or what, but I was just
wondering if this recipe is in the archives (there is an archives for
this list, right?).  If not, would you mind posting it, Dan.

J Miller

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