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Plant / Daphnia Tank


Tank: 10 Gallon unheated with about 1 1/2 inch of plain river gravel
Temp: high 60's to low 70's
Water: gH = 4o, kH = 4o 
Plants: Java Fern, Red / Green Swords and a little Parrots Feather
Live Stock: 4 Albino Mystery Snails, 4 Ottos, and a whole bunch of Daphnia
All plants and live stock seem to be doing OK
I harvest plant about every four months and sell to LFS
I harvest about a tablespoon of Daphnia every other day to feed to fish
Top off water once a week and change about 15 % once a month
Don't feed Daphnia any thing 
Feed snails 3 pellets of cat for one a week
Feed ottos every other day small pinch of fish food
Don't feed plants at all

Hope this answers your questions

ghemsath at att_net

Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2001 17:35:51 EST
From: Billinet at aol_com
Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #284

Hi, Gay,

That's interesting about the daphnia thriving in a plant-only tank, since
their water requirements are opposite - daphnia need hard water with a high
calcium content, which tends to be alkaline, while most plants don't thrive
in that.

What are your water parameters?  What plants are you maintaining?  How are
they doing?

Good luck!



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