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Daphnia Tanks


Here is an interesting piece of information I have just recently discovered

I have a 10 gallon unheated (temp about 68 - 70o F) plant only tank, by only
I mean that there are no fish in it. It only had several of the albino
mystery snails in it with the plants. About three and a half months ago I
decided that the snails were not keeping up with the algae and put four
ottos in it also. Algae cleaned up fast; but the water turned a little hazy.

One night about two months ago while harvesting Daphnia to feed, I put an
eye dropper of the Daphnia in the plant tank - just to see if they would
last long enough to clear the water before they were eaten.

Guess what ? They not only cleared the water but have multiplied to the
point that I am now harvesting them to feed.  The ottos don't eat them.

I'm thinking about putting an ottos two in my Daphnia only tanks to help the
snails that are in them in keeping the tanks clean.

It surprised me that the ottos are doing so well in the unheated tanks and
that they don't eat Daphnia.

ghemsath at att_net