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Re: Black worms and daphnia food & comments,

 Here's another black worm wholesaler: http://rainbow-ponds.hypermart.net/ 

I feed mainly the pea blend and it usually does not foul the water, except in newly set cultures. Be sure to prepare and store it in very clean conditions. If it does not smell fresh, discard it. If contaminated it should foul the water nicely because something else has already eaten it. Co-culturing daphnia with Cypris (summer daphnia)and snails can result in higher population levels. I also feed skim milk or powdered milk, but that does foul the water. It seems like something good with lots of calcium to feed the daphnia before feeding them to fish fry, but you have to do water changes afterward. It can perk up a culture that has not been doing well, but in concert with water changes. I leave the lights on 24 hours and an unheated garage or even a small tool shed should be fine for daphnia culture in winter. You can cool a daphnia culture a lot with a small fan aimed to cause surface ripples.