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Grindal worm bedding/culturing method question/observations

I have tried a variety of bedding/culturing method for
grindal worms so far but I have not yet found the right
media/method that works consistently well over a long period
of time for me.  One way or another my grindal worms seem to
go through the period of up's and down's and I end up with
either too much or too little.

I noticed that the grindal worms in fluffy materials such as
coco fibers seem to grow much larger as opposed to those in
denser materials like peatmoss based potting soil such as
African violet soil and Jiffy 7.  They lay a lot of white
eggs in coco fibers or at least I can see their eggs really
well on the surface.

Coco fibers (its brand name is Moisture Magnet) seem to
absorb moisture and hold them so well.  I noticed that
spraying the surface to moisten their food got the media
quite wet in short order.

The peat moss based potting soil I have tried tends to get
compressed/matted down after a while and kind of slimy,
especially if I get the media too moist.  The grindal worms
do not seem to like being tumbled around when I try to fluff
up the peat moss type bedding.  So lately I am keeping the
media just barely moist.

Would anyone be king enough to share with me the
method/bedding media that seems to work really well over a
long period of time?