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Re: Daphnia Observations

<<Hey Bill,

  What do you do for water changes, if at all?  How often, do you
change your water chemistry at all, etc.? 

J Miller>>

Hi, J,

I remove about 2 gallons every 10 days or so.  I siphon from the bottom,
removing the mulm.  Most of that is dead daphnia, those that escaped my 
netting.  The food I use  - soy flour and yeast - is all consumed and doesn't 
leave a residue.

I have a feeling that I could get more daphnia out of these two tubs if I fed 
more, aerated, and had more lighting.  But intensive culturing also creates 
more waste and other problems, and what I have is more than I need, so . . .  

My water is hard and alkaline.  That tends to be very stable.  I've never 
checked the chemistry in the cultures, but my tap water is 7.8 + and 230 ppm 

Hope this helps.

Good luck.