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Harvesting small Nightcrawlers

A few days ago, I found a tremendous amount of "baby" worms in my 
Nightcrawler culture.  The adult worms are leftovers from a fishing trip, 
and while they have been growing well, I had given up hope of them 
breeding.  I was just impatient, I guess.  The little worms have been a 
great surprise.

The little 'uns range from about 1/8" or less to 1/2" in size.  So far, I 
have been picking them out one at a time, which is very time consuming.  I 
would like to harvest these small worms in greater numbers with a minimum 
of mess and fuss and I was hoping you folks could give me ideas.  The worms 
are in a simple, plastic box containing a mix of potting soil and peat.

Also, I'm curious about what was happening when I found the small 
worms;  they were feeding on the carcass of a dead adult worm.  I am unsure 
whether or not the worm was dead before the advent of the baby worms or if 
it is somehow related.  I regularly check the whole culture for signs of 
problems with the worms, but have never found a dead one in the 3-4 months 
I've kept them.  Neither the dead worm nor the baby worms were present at 
the last feeding, which was only two--maybe 3--days before I found the 
scene described above.  Is the combination of the dead worm and the 
appearance of the baby worms a coincidence or is there a connection?


grendel at usit_net