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Microworms in grindal worm box

I inadvertently introduced microworms in my grindal worm
boxes : (    I didn't think much of it initially, but now
microworms seem to be keeping my grindal worms from
multiplying fast.

I recultured grindal worms several times but each time
microworms come back strong after awhile and take over the
box.  I carefully separate the grindal worms by rinsing them
in water a number of times but it takes only a few
microworms to start colonizing the soil.  Once microworms
get going strong on the soil surface, grindal worms seem to
retreat toward the edge of soil in the box.  When I spray
the drying soil surface with water, I can see microworms
wiggling all over the soil surface.

Would there be any way to get rid of microworms out of my
grindal worm box or do I have to get a new clean culture and
start over?