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Feeding Cuban Roaches

>Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 08:28:43 EDT
>From: CancelOct31 at aol_com
>Thanks for the tip. I frequently see those little green guys around...What do 
>you recommend as food? Can you use dry dog food as one does with other roach 
>species or do you recommend something else?? Thanks again....   

Dry dog food, fruit, and vegetables as you would for other roach species. Use the juveniles as feeders since they are less likely to escape after being fed. Even with a velcro-ed microscreen lid, you can let few green adults loose easily when working in the culture. the good thing is they are attracted to light and if you leave some fish lights on for a while after working on the cultures, many of the escapees will end up feeding themselves to the fish. I would not have thought of feeding an adult Cuban roach to newborn guppies, but I found wings in the tank. It turns out they attack the roach like crazed piranha and leave only the wings. The lobster roach is the species I would recommend for Northerners, but where you are located, the Cuban roach would be a better choice since it is already in situ. It is  one invading species that probably got here without human assistance.

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