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flightless house flies

I feel your pain in not being able to obtain flightless houseflies. However something cleaner and easier to culture and feed to your fish or reptiles is probably no further than your front porch anywhere in Central to South Florida. In the evening you may have noticed slender light green bugs attracted to the porch light. They often land on the wall near the light and are easily caught to start a culture. They look rather like a slender light green cockroach, although until you look closer you may not notice the resemblance to a roach. These are Cuban Burrowing Roaches. The young are brown and can be cultured in quantity in a terrarium partly filled with soil. A piece of bark or wood on top makes it easier to find them when needed since they will concentrate under it where you supply the food. They are a non-pest species, unlikely to remain inside a house and they will not propagate there. Their habits make them a lot cleaner than flies or the kind of roach you might be able to
 find on the ceiling of a Florida bathroom when you turn on the light at 3 AM, at least the one my brother-in-law used to own.  "Now why would he paint his ceiling black? Ohh!"

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