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bread, algae

 German bread is usually more "robust" than American bread. I think most types of American bread would collapse into slime. BrownberryTM types might work. My daughter spent a high school year in Germany and she still won't eat most bread here, but she might take a bite of BrownberryTM. Plain old Cheerios works pretty well as a medium for microworms. Even better, if you dissolve a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin into two of boiling water and then cover crunched Cheerios with it, you get a culture medium that stays fresh longer and ships well. 

I feed algae to many of my fish. Some are rock scrapers, so I originally grew it on rocks in the the window 5 gallon tanks. Now it's on the tank walls so I just scrape some off. I also have duckweed and Najas growing. Of the three, duckweed seems the first choice and Najas is left until all else is gone.

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