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What are these things?


I have two 35 gallon plastic tubs of daphnia and mosquito larva, with an 
occasional bloodworm, outside, and two similar tubs inside.  The indoor tubs 
produce mainly daphnia with a few mosquito larva, plus the subject of this 
question - some 1/4 to 1/2 inch black wormlike things that congregated at the 
top, like mosquito larva.  I assumed that they were just a different kind.

Then tonight, while cleaning the soil from a feeding of white worms, I found 
I had many of the same things in there!  There are some small flies in the 
worm cultures; could the black things be the larva of them?  If so, what are 
they doing in the daphnia culture?

Sorry for he length of this.  Thanks for your help.