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Re: Daphnia & Skeeters

I have about 20 assorted outdoor containers of daphnia Magna and (what I 
think is) Russian Red Moina.  In the early spring, mosquito larvae shows up 
first.  Most, but not all of the time, once a daphnia culture is really 
thriving and highly populated, mosquito larvae disappears.  Once the culture 
dies back during the heat of the summer, mosquito larvae becomes dominant.  

Chuck Church
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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 Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2001 13:54:55 -0700
 From: Paul Salverson <psalverson at mvfinc_com>
 Subject: Daphnia & Skeeters
 Ok, here is a stupid question, several of you have mentioned that you never 
see any mosquito larvae populating in your Daphnia production containers.
 I seem to have the opposite, I have a few cultures that seem to have both.
 Is this a bad sign to be producing both in the same container?
 Do I need to be doing something different?
 Of course on the good side I can harvest the larvae and feed them to my 
fishes. >>