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West Nile & 'Skeeters

This bounced to me because the word "virus" was in the Subject header.  
Just FYI.


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Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 08:07:15 -0500 (CDT)
To: Live-Foods at ActWin_com
Subject: West Nile Virus and 'Skeeters

Hello folks,  I live the middle on the
North American continent.     I have
always enjoyed raising Mosquito
Larvae in the summer.

But, after seeing how quickly the
newly introduced West Nile
Virus has spread on the East Coast,
I realize that I am going to have
to find a new live food for my
summer tubs.
I would enjoy reading the How-
I-Raise-Daphnia posts of our
successful members.
I raised my first culture in a gallon
pickle jar.     The jar sat on a north
windowsill and turned a lovely
alage bloom green.     This experiment
was for fun and the daphnia
dwindled as the green water 
I have also raised vinegar eels,
microworms and, recently, 
confused flour beetles.       I was
so nervous about the flour 
beetles getting loose in my home
that I finally quit working with 
them    :-)     The wingless fruit
flies were also fun but not quite
what I had in mind.
I shall really miss my lazy raising
of free and very abundant Mosquito
Larvae.     But I do not want to
contribute to the West Nile
Virus spread.
Donna, Kansas