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Different strain of Grindal worms?

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all the advice I got from the list
members, I now have six boxes of grindal
worms.  They all started out from one batch I
purchased from a source on the internet.  Two
of the boxes seem to have a bunch of small
grindal worms and they are thriving.  The
other four boxes have larger grindal worms
(twice as long and thick as those in the
former two boxes) and they are very slimy.  I
am wondering if I have two different stains
of grindal worms or maybe grindal worms mixed
with white worms.

I started the latter four boxes from the part
of the culture that got covered over by green
mold.  When I collected the worms to produce
new culture boxes, I collected the big fat
ones that stood out in the moldy bedding ( it
was easier to pick those out.)  Those big fat
worms produce a lot of slime that collects on
the surface of the bedding. The worms do not
seem to be very happy.  I treat all six boxes
the same way.  However, the big fat worms
don't multiply well and they tend to crawl up
on the sides of the culture boxes.  I don't
know if this is a sign that the culture is
crushing.  I am thinking about getting rid of
the big fat worms and start new cultures from
the two boxes of small grindal worms that are
doing really well, but I would like to find
out what these big fat worms are before I
throw them away.   Does anyone have any idea
what this could be?

I would appreciate it very much if you could
respond to me directly via e-mail since I
seem to have a problem getting the digest
(both Live Foods Digest and Aquatic Plant
Digest) at the moment due to my ISP blocking
the mails from actwin.


Tomoko Schum
tomokoschum at earthlink_net