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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #200

Color of daphnia.
I have had daphnia in the past and in my outdoor ponds
they seem to have been brown in color or what I
thought was a hard shell. Recentlly I ordered a
different strain which could take a higher
temperature. Now this strain came in a nice pink
color.I seem to have starved them and they faded to a
clear color before passing on. I then started a
culture of green water and reordered. Again they came
in with a pink color. After placing the daphnia in the
green water they gradually or the new daphnia seemed
to be a black color. As long as the culture is going I
really don't care but wonder if anyone else has
noticed this and if due to a harder shell would that
be more or less benifical to the fish I am feeding?

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