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Mold in grindal worm bedding

Hi everyone,

My grindal worm bedding is getting covered with mold.
I am going to start over with new bedding.  Can someone
tell me how to avoid introducing mold spore into new
bedding?  Does higher/lower pH inhibit mold growth?

Some of the boxes are still producing well despite the
mold but other boxes are doing poorly.  Besides the
mold problem I have another problem that I have not
figured out just what it is.

I believe that the latter problem started out with a
low consumption of baby food.  The food gets wet and
very sticky rather quickly.  I suppose the food is
rotting before grindal worm gets to it.  The boxes with
this problem does not seem to have mold problem.  Just
sticky mess and the worms are not congregating near the

Can someone shed some light on this situation?