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Trevor - "Freshwater Diet"

Hi Trevor

Don't the instructions say to use aged water (couple days) or use chlorine
remover?? Far as I know, the chlorine in most city waters can kill several /
most of those bugs!

Daphnia should be easily visible; With copepods a magnifying glass & strong
light could help, depending on which kind you got; Paramecia would require a
very strong mag. glass (I use a doublet type and flashlight beam, still see
just elongated dots) or a low power microscope. The others bugs I'm not
familiar with.

Ballpark, harvesting 5 - 10% of the soup per day should be OK (replace with
aged water). Letting it get too thick makes a crash much more likely, too
thin means low production. You'll acquire a feel for it, but be warned most
of us learn primarily from having the cultures crash.

Suggest you surf through the list archives. Time consuming but informative

Best of luck, above all enjoy the learning.