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Hydra in Daphnia

Hey Jim,
    Some quick ideas.  Formalin will not work.  Daphnia and Moina are very
susceptible.  Not sure on the copper salts  but I think they may be affected
by metals as well.  You can't strain the out as the hydra can hitchhike on
the Daphnia them selves (D. magna and small hydra).  I did notice that dylox
(sp??) will kill rotifers and leave the Moina intact (I treated some
goldfish for flukes, fish lice, etc and had done many water 100% water
changes and though the greenwater was safe, boy was I wrong, Biological
concentration really works).  I suspect that the hydra may have similar
physiology so it may work.  Another though it is Charles Harrison's verifuge
leviamasol (sp???) for the treatment of Camulus.  I recall reading that it
was fairly effective against Hydra and relatively not toxic to other things
(flatworms and round worms excluded).  The compounds in this class of
chemicals seem to be a good idea, perhaps a small amount and test it on a
small infested subculture......  If it is in the Moina I can just send you
another starter....
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> Date: Mon, 21 May 2001 18:58:03 -0700
> From: "Jim Atchison" <jim at atchison_com>
> Subject: RE: Live Foods Digest V3 #201
> oK...how can one rid thier daphnia cultures of hydra without damaging the
> daphnia.
> Jim