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Newbie questions

I just got a "Freshwater Diet" kit from Jones Biomedicals & Lab, Inc. It
comes with the following (although I can only really see 2 or 3 different
kinds of things from what I can tell): Copepods, Paramecium, Scuds,
Ostracods, Daphnia, and Black worms. It also came with a container of "food
medium", a live plant, and instructions.

The instructions just say to dump it all in a container that holds at least
one gallon that is 3/4 full of tap water and put 3 drops of the food medium
in once a week.

My questions are:

Should I cover the jar? I made a lid out of a paper towel, hoping it will
let enough air in, if it's needed. (Does the plant take care of that?)

How long can I expect this stuff to live? If I give it 3 drops a week of the
food medium, I think I have several months (if not years) worth.

How much can I feed the fish and still make sure I have enough left in the
jar to continue reproducing?

Finally, are there pictures of these things somewhere that I can use to see
what is what?