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Re: Moina

I am not that close, but I do have Moina and I do ship across the country.
Wouldn't it be nice to drive to Maui from anywhere in the USA. ;-)
> Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 23:59:22 -0500
> From: "Tomoko Schum" <tomokoschum at earthlink_net>
> Subject: moina
> Hi everyone,
> I am interested in obtaining a small culture of moina .
> Since I live in North Alabama and the weather is
> getting warm (low 80's during the day), I wonder if
> there is any source close enough that I can pick moina
> up in person.  I can easily get to Nashville or
> Chattanooga TN or Birmingham AL in less than two hours.
> Please contact me off list, if you can help me.
> Tomoko Schum
> Madison, AL
> tomokoschum at earthlink_net