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preparing daphnia containers, jiffy peat story

  What I do to clean daphnia containers is to set them on end in the shower so they are being rinsed inside by as hot a water stream as possible. If you have a safety shower, you may have to defeat the safety by removing the knob. I flip it at least once to cover missed areas, then scrub it with a bristle brush set aside for this task and rinse again. Some plastics will not ever support daphnia because of chemicals that leach out from them. Food grade plastics are better. I get 5 gallon pails from the donut shop that used to contain donut fillings.

I once hatched out some annual killifish in peat from a Jiffy pot.When I added water, the fry hatched, but began to "melt" before my eyes. When I tested the pH, it was over 10. They must have added a little extra lime to that batch. Oddly, some daphnia eggs must have been in the peat to. I had fed lots of Daphnia to the adult fish. The hatchling daphnia had no problem with the skyrocket pH.

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