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Washing the container for daphnia

Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me how to clean the container for
daphnia?  Is it OK to wash the container for
daphnia with a dishwashing detergent or in the

Last year when my son got several eggs of large
sea monkey like crustaceans (the one that grow up
to be 2 inches long) in a kit, the instruction
said that their container can not be washed with
any detergent or soap.  After growing them to
about 1 inch size, the water got so filthy, we
moved them to another container.  Unfortunately
the container was washed with dishwashing liquid
previously and all the crustaceans died.

Since I do not want to repeat that tragedy, I have
been keeping my new daphnia cultures in tall food
grade containers that the supermarket uses for
selling a peeled/cored pineapple.  However, I
would like to move them into the larger containers
that I have on hand.  But the containers have been
washed with a dishwashing detergent.  I am hoping
that daphnia is not going to be as sensitive as
the large sea monkey like creatures.  Brine shrimp
do not seem to mind a container washed in
dishwashing detergent.  I hope someone on the list
can tell me how to clean/prepare the container for