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Grindal worms

Thank you Wright and Jim,

The Jiffy Mix that I have is their seed starting
formula type.  It is treated with lime to be
neutral.  No fertilizer added.  The only thing is
that it contains a bunch of very fine vermiculite
which I must remove with a sieve, since they sink
to the bottom along with the worms.

Now that I have enough worms that congregate under
the Plexiglas piece (one and a half weeks since
their arrival), I can scoop up mostly pure worms
without picking up a lot of large particles of
peat.  If one or two peat particles find their way
into the cup of water, I can pick them out
quickly.   I am going to put some fine dusting of
Jiffy mix on top to avoid picking up a large
particles of peat.

Thanks again for your advice.