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RE: Grindal Worms


The Jiffy Peat Pellets are different than the Jiffy Mix...same company,
different products. The pellets are "pure" peat, the mix is a potting soil
(at least in my area) and while contains peat in the mix it also contains
other organics and non-organics.

Every so often the peat I buy (Canadian Sphagnum) from Home Depot is more
acidic than usual and the worms try to climb out of the box so I mix those
batches 50/50 with potting soil.

I have used straight potting soil mixes and have not noticed a decline in
production in the worms. If you want to get the soil to sink in the water,
bring it to a boil and let it sit overnight.

One of the major challenges I have seen it harvesting them frequently
enough. The worm will produce themselves right into a sewer (literally) and
then the production drops off dramatically leaving a smelly mess from which,
while possible, is difficult to bring back to full capacity. When you do
bring one of these cultures back it takes longer than starting one from
scratch (maybe only a couple of weeks)...but the smell of the sewer is
powerful enough to get me to choose the "from scratch" route every time. You
should plan on harvesting if you feed...if you are not going to be
harvesting for a while, but back on the food (slowly the production and
reducing the over-population potential)...to bring the worms back, just feed
them more.

Take care,
Jim Atchison
The Bug Farm

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--> Subject: Grindal worm
--> Hi Ken,
--> Thank you for your advice.  I have some Jiffy mix on
--> hand.  I just tested the Jiffy mix after filtering out
--> the vermiculite with a sieve.  The fine peat moss that
--> fell out of the sieve floats readily in water.  I think
--> I can work with it without a problem.  It is going to
--> take me awhile to get enough of them filtered, though.
--> Well, I just have to start with a small batch : )
--> Thanks again,
--> Tomoko
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