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Grindal Worms

On Sat, Mar 03, 2001 at 03:58:01PM -0500, Live Foods Digest wrote:
> From: "Tomoko Schum" <tomokoschum at earthlink_net>
> Subject: Grindal worm
> As for their permanent home, I am thinking
> about using a small dark colored Rubbermaids
> container to keep them dark.  I suppose I
> need to punch some holes into the lid or the
> side and cover the holes with a window screen
> material.  Can someone tell me what kind of
> container/set up is the best for these little
> creatures?

	If there are any sporting goods stores near you, or a
store that carries a decent selection of fishing gear, look for a
"Magic Worm Farm" and "Magic Worm Food". The "farm" is a styrofoam
"cooler" with some vents on the top, and should come with peat moss
and some simple instructions for setting it up.

	I really recommend the "Magic Worm Food", even if you don't
go with the "farm". The food looks like coarsely ground grain of
some sort, with some other powders added. The 24oz can I bought is still
more than half full after almost a year.

	The worms are normally pretty inactive. I usually don't
see any movement until I start putting them into the water. The mold's
not supposed to be harmful, either.

	Just to be sure, though, you might want to blow on that "mold".
If the mold moves around after that, it's really grindals. A couple
of times I've seen what I thought was mold on my culture, but it
just turned out to be worms on the surface.

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