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Grindal worm

Hi everyone,

I bought a large culture of grindal worms
along with my daphnia.  Unlike those poor
daphnia I murdered, grindal worms are still
alive.  I put the culture into a bed of peat
moss about 2 inches deep in a Rubbermaid
container (2/3 of plastic shoe box)
temporarily. The worms came with a thick top
layer of food material, some sort of spongy
woody stuff, which sprouted a white cotton
like mold next morning. I put the whole thing
into the peat moss but removed the mold as
much as possible.  So far the mold has not
spread in the new bedding material.  If it
starts spreading, should I replace the
bedding with a new batch of peat moss?

I was told by the vendor to use fish food for
their food.  So I layed a thin layer of some
Tetramin on the surface.  The grindal worms
seem to have eaten them.  The food is mostly
gone this morning and there are some little
white worms in the vicinity.  However, they
are not an energetic bunch.  They hardly move
when I pick them up.  After waiting 10
seconds or so on my hand, they start to move
their little heads (tails?) around a bit.  My
red wigglers would have gone back deep into
the bedding long before that.  I wonder these
grindal worms are somewhat weakened during
the shipping.  Or is this normal for grindal

As for their permanent home, I am thinking
about using a small dark colored Rubbermaids
container to keep them dark.  I suppose I
need to punch some holes into the lid or the
side and cover the holes with a window screen
material.  Can someone tell me what kind of
container/set up is the best for these little