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RE: Greenwater

Hi George,
	maybe waiting too long to harvest the microlagae. From what I
remember at a certain age the algal cells will produce toxins as a result
of being over populated.  Apparently these compounds are deposited in the
cell walls making the algae unuseable by most filter feeders.  I suppose
in terms of the population growth curve for microalge it is refered to the
death phase.  The culture needs to be harvested inteh exponential growth
phase, such that it keeps the culture in the culture in the growth
phase.  Hence, my large cultures get harvested at about 50% total volume
every day (well not so much now that the weather is cold) .

On Mon, 26 Feb 2001, Live Foods Digest wrote:

> In my hands algae -- "green water" -- sometimes work, most often they do
> not work! I have not tried to culture a specific alga, but the "green
> soup" I sometimes manage to get, does not seem to feed the Daphnids.
> They just swim in it, for weeks, without diminishing the color and
> opacity of the water! 
> I don't know whether the difference lies in the different strains of
> Daphnids, different water, algae, or what, but the literature is full of
> various "magic" recipes that seem to work only in specific cases.