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Daphnia/worm culture

Thanks Mach,

Gee, 5 gallons of green water is more than I can handle right now.  I intend
to keep my culture much smaller, hoping to raise just enough to feed my fish
once every day or two.

Talking about artificial diets for daphnia, I have seen all sorts of
concoctions in the archives.  But brewer's yeast seems to be one of the most
popular food sources for them.  Klaus Schoening mentioned in this list back
in January that the nanchloropsis cryopaste works well for him.  The ease of
keeping these little beasties with the stuff sounds rather attractive to me.
Has anyone else in this list had success with nanchloropsis cryopaste or
similar microalgae concentrates?


Tomoko Schum
Madison, Alabama
tomokoschum at earthlink_net