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Daphnia culture/worm culture

Thank you Ken and John!

I think I am going to get a 10 gallon tank to start
with.  When the weather warms up, I can put a large
container on my back deck (east-facing, therefore
shaded in the afternoon) .  That will be pretty soon
since I live in North Alabama .  But I suspect the
summer temperature is more of a problem here for an
outdoor culture.   I guess I need to figure out how to
keep the outdoor container from overflowing with the
abundant spring rain, too.

As for the fish load, I have a good number of fish in
my tanks (75G and 10G).  In 75G I have two apistogramma
borelli and two African pigmy frogs (my son's) who do
not eat anything but live food.  Others (6 clown
loaches, 7 cory cats, 2 neon rainbows, 6 congo tetras,
5 neon tetras, 4 siamese algae eaters, a growing
population of my daughter's platies and swordtails)
accept anything I give.  In 10G, I have a breeding pair
of African butterfly cichlids who are about to be
ousted since they keep eating their eggs.  I am
expecting three apistogramma trifasciata to replace
them (maybe, or I add another tank).  I feed flake
food, bbs, and blackworms mainly to my fish.  But all
of them really love live food.

I have a pretty good source of blackworms right now.  I
trade my aquatic plants for a variety of things
including blackworms with a LFS.  But I would really
like to give daphnia and grindal worms a try.  In Japan
(my home country or one of them anyway since I have
lived in US now almost as long as I did in Japan),
daphnia and red tubifex worms are very popular among
ordinary fish hobbyist.  Any aquarium shop carries them
inexpensively.  (Unfortunately, fish grow fast on live
food and get cramped in the tiny tanks that most people
have in Japan.)  I might be wanting to do this
subconsciously for a sentimental reason, but either way
my fish will benefit and I will have fun!

I wish I live near an Aquarium society!  There is a
betta club here in town.  Maybe I will ask one of the
members I know if any of them might be willing to share
some worms or daphnias.  It would be really nice if we
can get a general aquarium club started here...

Thank you again,

Tomoko Schum
Madison, Alabama
tomokoschum at earthlink_net