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On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Live Foods Digest wrote:
Hi Tomoko,
	not to scare you but it is possible to keep moina and daphnia as a
continuous culture and have lots of them to feed to your fish.  check this
link to see how I do it.
It is way bigger than you want to do. It can be made to work in smaller
scale.  I have used two 5 gallon buckets for the culture vessels.  The
biggest problem is when the cultures are producing highly they can go use
about 5 gallons of green water per day.  It is possible to do it with
artificial diets, but until you are comfortable with feeding them it is
possible to overfeed the cultures (when using an artificial diet).  It is
much less difficult to do so with greenwater...

> I noticed that LFS cultures carries
> various live-food starter kits.  I am
> considering their Daphnia kit that
> contains large D. magna or D. pulex (my
> choice) culture, large Euglena culture,
> 4 oz. Daphnia food, and step by step
> instructions for $35.00.  Do you think
> this would be a good starter kit for
> someone like me or is this a bit of an
> overkill?  Should I just grow my own
> greenwater and order just a Daphnia
> culture?
> I prepared a small container of
> fertilizer spiked water this morning and
> inoculated the water with the green
> stuff I found growing on my dog's
> outdoor water bowl.  I put them on the
> windowsill along with my African violet
> collection.  I doubt that this would be
> enough to feed a large Daphnia culture
> but I can use it as a seed to prepare a
> larger batch of green water, if I am
> successful at growing one (daphnia or
> green water).  Can someone give me a
> recommendation for the efficient method
> to grow greenwater and how much/often to
> feed them to Daphnia?
> I intend to split the starter culture
> into two one-gallon size plastic
> containers (the inexpensive type that
> Petco sells for keeping various small
> creatures).  Do you think these work OK
> or should I get two 5 gallon aquarium
> tanks?  As far as water is concerned, I
> can let some tap water sit around for
> few days to age or use a portable water
> filter jug (the kind some people put
> into a fridge) to filter out impurities.
> If Amquel is not good for Daphnia, what
> de-chlorinator should I use in case of
> an emergency water change?
> I am sorry for a long message.  I would
> really appreciate your recommendations.
> TIA,
> Tomoko Schum
> Madison, Alabama
> ------------------------------