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Re: Live Foods Digest V3 #135

At 03:58 AM 2/14/01 -0500, Dan McMonigle wrote:

>I brought about 100 bags of Daphnia to an ALA convention a couple years 
>ago. I think there was a tablespoon or two (drained) of Daphnia in each 
>bag. I could not tell that I had taken anything out of my cultures.

I have a question.   Suppose you had 10,000,000 pounds of hog waste that 
you wished to convert to daphnia, via algae most likely.   How would you do 
it?   What is the ideal NO3 level for algae growth?   What about residual 
NO3 and daphnia health?   How long could you maintain exponential growth at 
a high rate.   Assume that this is BIG operation with wells and pumps and 
acres of ponds.....

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